Uniform / Sports


In an effort to reduce some of the costs of traditional uniforms for our parents, LUX College has opted to adopt a more causal uniform.

Summer Shirts:

Children are to wear their grey golf shirts with any black pants in winter and shorts in summer.

Sports are to be played with the white golf shirt and black tracksuit pants or shorts.

Children will also have a selection of the school hoodie, dry mac and warm top for cooler weather (with the school emblem).




LUX College has a vested interest in strengthening and being involved with our community and we work with different companies in our community to strengthen our school facility. The Alberton Cricket Club hosts a variety of our sports ,as well as the Reading Golf Club where Junior Golfunatix provides our school learners with golf. We are also lucky to have AEC swimming school on board to provide the swimming lessons for our learners

Download more information below.

–Golf PDF–

AEC Swimming Instructors.

–AEC Swimming Swimming Instructors–

Cricket Company.

–Cricket Company–

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