Our School

At Lux College we offer a stimulating learning environment unlike any other! With a variety of sport options as well as an after school facility.

Our current facility is not home to its own sports field or pool however, we outsource all of our sport to a fantastic group of qualified, enthusiastic sports companies who are recognized for their work in their respective sports. (Check out our sports family here!) . Learners’ will be transported by the school’s arranged transport to these sporting facilities.

We believe in an “I can do it” philosophy where confidence, strength and character building  enhances individual capabilities and talents.


Parent-school relationship

We want to have a setting where teachers and parents can work together.  Parents are their children’s biggest role models and the school would want to ensure that parents are involved in all the necessary aspects of their child’s schooling career.

Parents are invited to join their children at school events, such as sports days. For our younger learners, we encourage parents to join us at our open reading sessions where parents  read to a class once a week.


Our Values

It is important to us that all LUX College learners are confident individuals that can  lead and also work well as part of a team. We believe that ambition, concentration and time management are important skills and qualities that the school strives to impart to our learners.

Below are a few more values that the school holds in high esteem and hopes to share with our learners:






All LUX college Learners who need an aftercare facility will be looked after by our sister company, Mathletes Education Centre from 14:00 – 18:00 on the school premises.  This will be at an additional cost to the parent.  Parents can be rest assured that their children are well taken care of!


Mathletes Education Centre provides additional lessons to other children in our community who are struggling with their school work. Mathletes will provide continued academic support with their homework facility at the aftercare as well as an enriching atmosphere and positive social stimulation. In the unlikely event that any one of our LUX College learners at aftercare struggle with homework or should any work related issues arise, LUX College will be informed immediately by Mathletes. This problem will be tackled immediately by Mathletes and also reported to the teacher who can then take further action for that learner.


The added value of having such a great company on board with LUX College is the communication aspect where no child will get lost or left behind – not even in aftercare. ALL Homework will always get done!


Please see our Aftercare Enrolment Form and our important Parents Notification Letter if you may require this facility.

Mathletes Education Centre will also host our Holiday Program for those parents who are interested.

Download Enrollment form for after care here

Contact Us

Number: 072 539 6322
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Email: info@luxcollege.org accounts@luxcollege.org
Address: 39 Bodmin Road, New Redruth, Alberton.