"What you learn today is what
is what you become tomorrow"

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Welcome to Lux College


Our aim is to provide a warm, supportive, enriching environment to allow our learners' to develop and reach their full potential in order for them to succeed, both academically and on the
sports field. We hope to provide the building blocks to assist our learners in becoming balanced, well rounded contributors in our society.

Individual Support

LUX College has small classes averaging between 10 and 15 students per class. In this way, we believe our student’s receive more individual attention than in larger, mainstream classes. These smaller, more concentrated and focused classes provide motivation for both the student and the teacher - creating an encouraging learning environment.


To provide non-discriminatory, affordable education to the Ekurhuleni South region and beyond.
We aim to provide a high standard of education to learners in order for them to gain the necessary
skills, knowledge and attitudes for their own development with the goal of empowering our students to achieve their very best.